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Lenzing E-Branding Service for Personal Care, Beauty & Hygiene Applications (Nonwovens)

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Make your product stand out

Responsibly produced wood-based VEOCEL™ fibers are naturally smooth and specifically designed for applications that involve direct contact with skin and surfaces.

From surface cleaning to intimate and body care and beauty products, VEOCEL™ stands as the premium choice for enhancing daily rituals of care.

Discover the array of services and assets available to effectively engage your clients and promote your products.

Our premium services – customized to your needs

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Product License

Make consumers recognize your product's value

Empower your end-consumer product or roll-good with a VEOCEL™ Product License. Unlock the ability to utilize our esteemed brand and assets, including verified sustainability claims, to differentiate and elevate your product in the market.
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Marketing License

Communicate on fairs or in sustainability publications

Utilize a Marketing License to showcase VEOCEL™ assets in your general marketing efforts, independent of a specific product context.

Highlight our brand, sustainability claims, and technological advancements as you promote your commitment to a plastic-free world on sustainability pages, customer magazines, and various platforms, demonstrating your dedication to a greener future.
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Artwork Approval

Ensure correct usage of the VEOCEL™ brand

Incorrect brand utilization or complete lack thereof can have negative consequences, potentially damaging your brand reputation. Our dedicated branding team is here to provide support post-license application. We'll guide you in effectively incorporating our trademarks and assets into your marketing material designs, ensuring optimal representation of your brand.
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Learn more with our Masterclasses

Join our live Masterclass webinars and gain practical insights from industry experts in branding, sustainability, and fabric certification.

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Reach out to our E-Branding Helpdesk

Our dedicated Helpdesk team looks forward to answering your inquiries - whether you're exploring our offerings or need to connect with a Lenzing specialist, we've got the perfect solution for you.

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Lenzing’s E-Branding Service today

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Discover possibilities how to use VEOCEL™ and additional offerings

Lenzing is working closely with numerous partners in the nonwovens business. See what others do and how we can support you doing the same.

Browse through examples on how to use VEOCEL™ and gather some inspiration on how to promote your product
To be eligible for a VEOCEL™ Product License, your fiber requires needs to fulfill some criteria, for example minimum Lenzing fiber percentages and certain fiber combinations. We've put together a table for you

Find out more about VEOCEL™ on the product website

VEOCEL™ Lyocell and Viscose cellulosic fibers, derived from botanical sources, are the preferred ingredients for renowned brands committed to a natural approach to daily care. Explore our VEOCEL™ website to delve into the innovative technologies utilized in fiber production.



Discover the benefits that set us apart, draw inspiration from success stories and stay updated with the latest news. Meet the partners who already work with Lenzing's fibers, and utilize all these resources to craft your unique eco story when incorporating Lenzing's fibers into your products.