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Lenzing E-Branding Service

Elevate your sustainability story

The Lenzing E-Branding Service helps you to promote your use of Lenzing's sustainable fibers in your products.

Effortlessly showcase your commitment towards sustainability by using our trademarks and marketing assets. Ensure transparency by verifying the presence of Lenzing’s fibers in your products with our Certification & Licensing services.

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Our product brands

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How can you benefit from the
Lenzing E-Branding Service?

Lenzing fibers are more than just an ingredient. They embody our mission to create a sustainable industry and a better world for future generations. With the Lenzing E-Branding Service, distinguish your products featuring Lenzing fibers and craft a compelling narrative that captivates conscious consumers.

How can you benefit from the </br>Lenzing E-Branding Service?
Ready-made marketing materials to get you started

Ready-made marketing materials to get you started

Enhance your brand’s storytelling with our tools. From eye-catching hang tags and graphics to compelling brand copywriting, our assets help you to easily communicate the benefits of the Lenzing fibers contained within your products.

Elevate your products’ exceptional quality and sustainability with the ingredient story of Lenzing’s product brands. The Lenzing E-Branding Service supports you in showcasing the eco-friendly fibers that distinguish your products, fostering trust with customers by aligning with their values.

A strong ingredient story for you to lean on

Elevate your products’ exceptional quality and sustainability with the ingredient story of Lenzing’s product brands. The Lenzing E-Branding Service supports you in showcasing the eco-friendly fibers that distinguish your products, fostering trust with customers by aligning with their values.

Experts you can trust

Experts you can trust

Our dedicated Lenzing E-Branding Service support team is dedicated towards energizing your digital experience on the platform. Whether you’re a global enterprise or a boutique establishment, our dedicated team is ready to assist you, share best practices for your ingredient branding journey, and craft an approach that aligns with your company’s distinctive vision and goals.

Tailored solutions for diverse business needs

Lenzing fibers elevate a wide array of products, spanning from fashion and active wear to home textiles and cosmetic & hygiene goods. Their versatility ensures a premium and sustainable touch across diverse applications.

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Textile applications

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Whether you're a yarn spinner, a fabric producer, a textile manufacturer, a fashion brand, or a retailer – the Lenzing E-Branding Service offers customized solutions to meet the unique needs of the textile industry.

Find out what our textile brands TENCEL™, LENZING™ ECOVERO™, LENZING™ for Workwear and LENZING™ for Protective Wear can do for you.

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Personal care, beauty & hygiene applications

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Within the beauty & hygiene industry, emphasizing product reliability and sustainability is paramount. The Lenzing E-Branding Service provides solutions crafted to meet the needs of nonwoven products. These applications span from body care and intimate hygiene to beauty and surface cleaning.

Find out what our nonwovens brand VEOCEL™ has to offer.

Lenzing E-Branding Service: What our customers say

“It was super easy to sign up and get my products registered using the Lenzing E-Branding platform and I so appreciated the team being willing to answer my questions right away and walk me through the portal.

I love that Lenzing offers supporting services like free hang tags and am excited to have registered my products so we can take advantage of working with the Lenzing brand!”

Mary Bemis

Founder, Reprise

"The entire Norafin Sales & Marketing team is very satisfied with Lenzing E-Branding Service.

In a training session, the colleagues were well informed about the possibilities of the brand partnership. Additionally, enquiries during the application process were dealt with quickly. We are looking forward to further good cooperation!"

Kerstin Knorr

Marketing, Norafin Industries GmbH

Explore marketing assets and solutions

As a valued Lenzing partner, you gain a competitive edge with access to our latest innovations. Committed to leading in technology and industry trends, we guarantee you access to the latest tools and features. Explore further insights into what awaits you.

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Ignite your creativity with our ready-made branding assets

Access exclusive Lenzing promotional materials, effortlessly showcasing your competitive edge to enhance customer trust and loyalty. But that’s not all – if you have existing promotional materials or a unique design in mind, our team will assist you in integrating our assets into your plans. The possibilities are endless.

Fiber Blending Quick Check

Empower your customer-facing team with the MyTrainingPal app

Elevate your customer-facing team’s knowledge of TENCEL™ or VEOCEL™ fibers with the MyTrainingPal app. Accessible via smartphone or browser, it makes it easy to learn about the origins, innovations and applications of TENCEL™ and VEOCEL™ fibers.

Lenzing Masterclasses

Optimize your branding journey with our Masterclasses

Elevate your expertise with our Masterclasses. Learn from industry experts about ingredient branding, sustainability and material certification through interactive live webinars and tutorial videos. Gain practical insights to boost your brand’s performance and connect with like-minded professionals.

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Learn more about our brands

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TENCEL™ is Lenzing's flagship brand for textile. TENCEL™ fibers are soft to the skin, smooth to the touch and luxurious in shine and flow.
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ECOVERO™ branded Viscose fibers are the new standard in eco-responsible viscose with low environmental impact.
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Through our VEOCEL™ fibers, we literally are in touch with millions of people in the world: all users of hygiene and health care products, made with Lenzing's botanic fibers.
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The smart solution for people and the environment: this is LENZING™ – a specialty brand from the house of Lenzing, developed to meet the needs of industry.